The lineage of our firm can be traced back to Stephen Ludlam who received an appointment as “City Surveyor” by Mayor Dewitt Clinton in 1809.  The firm is in possession of one of the largest plants of record survey data in the New York City area. This includes the computations, field notes, filed property maps and plats prepared by the firm and our predecessors.

Robert Castillo, L.S. (Partner)  

Saeid Jalilvand, L.S., C.S. (Partner)

John Benardone, L.S., C.S.

​Records of:

R.L. Williams, Seles Stuchfield, John Middleton, Charles Voorhies, Thomas May, J. S. Stoddard, Walter Meserole, Lockwood & Kessler, Van Brunt & Bergen, Leander Vibbard, Ford Bartlett, Lockwood, Kessler & Bartlett, H. W. Woodcock, Frank Heydinger, Fred Bartlett, P. G. Van Alst Edwin Swezey, Fred Dennington, Raymond Page, H. F. Betts and Meserole City Surveying Company.